performance score polyvalence assessment result education level foreign language knowledge professional experience leader effectiveness evaluation polyvalence evaluation for different positions determining the most competent candidates for a position

Business Requirements

  • You want to identify which of your employees have potential for certain critical positions in the organization. In other words, you want to determine your reserves for critical positions.
  • You have certain candidates for these positions, but you need a numerical evaluation system among these candidates based on success criteria.
  • You want to be able to define different weights for success criteria.
  • As success criteria, you want to use the results already available in the system, such as performance scores, polyvalence assessment results, employee education level, grammar, professional experience, leader effectiveness evaluation score.
  • Based on these criteria, you need a 'score card' for each of the potential candidates for a position.


Solneo HRM Potential Discovery System works integrated with the following applications and modules:

  • Organizational Structure Software, Personal Information software or applications that will provide similar functionality, SAP, Oracle etc.
  • Performance Management System
  • Polyvalence Software Application
  • Leader Effectiveness Assessment
  • Enterprise Training Management Application

Technical Infrastructure

Solneo HRM Potential Discovery application runs on Microsoft Sharepoint Server ve Sharepoint technologies (Microsoft Sharepoint 2019 Server, Microsoft Sharepoint 2016 Server, Microsoft Sharepoint 2013 Server, Microsoft Sharepoint Foundation 2013)).