training planning training budget planning training satisfaction survey training effectiveness survey automatic assignment of mandatory trainings actual versus planned trainings report enterprise training calendar automaticly organizing in-service trainings and orientation trainings


You want to make a 'training plan' and a 'training budget' for the next year or term; You want to keep track who attains which training/course and who teaches which training/course within your organization on an enterprise training calender; You want to assign mandatory trainings to the specific employees and make sure that they attain the trainings. You want to create the attandence list digitaly and collect the signatures of the attending employees; You want to keep track of the success level of the trainings and training process within the organization; You want to optimize the time, effort, working hours and total cost to maintain a successful employee development program; You want to evaluate how effective the trainings are; You want to evaluate the degree of satisfaction level of the employees about the quality of the trainings.

General Functionality

Planning, Organizing and Tracking Trainings

Human resources staff can make an annual training plan on the training calendar; You can open multiple classes for a training record; Employees can register for the classes opened.

Post Training Evaluations

Post-training satisfaction evaluation form is filled out through this application; Training effectiveness evaluation form again fills with this application; Evaluations tasks reminder functionalty.


Planned versus actual training butgets; Satisfaction values of the attendees for trainers and trainings.


Solneo Enterprise Training Software is integrated with the following modules :

  • Solneo Organizational and Personal Information Modules or an external system which serves similar functionality such as SAP, Oracle
  • Enterprise Training Software can receive training request from Polivalence Competency Application at the end of the polivalence evaluation process.
  • In a similar way, Performance Management System, can provide training recommendations as an input to Enterprise Training Software.
  • Using Leadership Development Program, at the end of the term, the training recommendations for potential leaders of the organization can be transferred to Enterprise Training Software.

Technical Requirements

Solneo Enterprise Training Software runs on Microsoft Sharepoint Technologies (Microsoft Sharepoint 2019 Server, Microsoft Sharepoint 2016 Server, Microsoft Sharepoint 2013 Server, Microsoft Sharepoint Foundation 2013).