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Genel Fonksiyonlar

Quality Documents: Creation, Organization, Revision and Approval

You can manage the forms, procedures, instructions required by the quality system. You can create quality documents and manage revision and approval processes of yjese documents. All revision requests on documents are automatically directed to resposible roles. The relevant people are automatically notified of the updates by e-mail. You can define dependencies or "referring relationsships" between documments and when a document changes, you can easily get a list of documents which will be affected.

All Quality Documents Report

You can create a report showing the most up-to-date revision numbers and status of all living and/or retired documents in the system (in revision, awaiting approval, etc.)

Revision and Approval Workflows, Task Tracking and Reminders

Application can follow up on which tasks related to which documents are overdue, and reminder messages are sent to the relevant people.

Technical Requirements

Microsoft Sharepoint Technologies (Microsoft Sharepoint 2019 Server, 2016 Server, Microsoft Sharepoint 2013 Server, Microsoft Sharepoint Foundation 2013, Microsoft Sharepoint 2010 Server, Microsoft Sharepoint Foundation (MSF) 4.0, Microsoft Office Sharepoint Portal Server (MOSS) 2007 and Windows Sharepoint Services (WSS) 3.0).