Consent record management personel data management process records which make use of personel data management of rights of access by the data subjects personel data process log rectification and erasure logs


You want to keep all personal applications for GDPR requests; You want to reply the applications within the time limit defined by the regulation; You want to start an automated workflow to gather all the related information and private data of an employee/visitor/supplier and/or client. You want to automate the digital processes to create a log whenever they process personal data; and this way you can create an archive of "which process" operates on "whose data" on "which date" and with the help of the log archive, you can to destroy physical documents and/or delete or make anonymous the digital personal data.

Technical Requirements

Solneo GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation on Microsoft Sharepoint runs on Microsoft Sharepoint Technologies (Microsoft Sharepoint 2019 Server, 2016 Server, Microsoft Sharepoint 2013 Server, Microsoft Sharepoint Foundation 2013, Microsoft Sharepoint 2010 Server, Microsoft Sharepoint Foundation (MSF) 4.0, Microsoft Office Sharepoint Portal Server (MOSS) 2007 and Windows Sharepoint Services (WSS) 3.0).