Customer records customer satisfaction process sales and contact records management sales actvities and related reports smart data secuity management on Microsoft Sharepoint


You want to keep all customer related data such as contacts, projects, addresses, emails, teams, meetings, events, orders. You want to create and manage data related to your products and services. In addition to data you want to keep and manege the documents as well. You want to manage reminders for the upcoming events. You want to set access priviledge to you team in a smart way so that there is easy use and security at the same time. You want to define and automate daily weekly reports.

Technical Requirements

Solneo CRM software runs on Microsoft Sharepoint Technologies (Microsoft Sharepoint 2019 Server, Microsoft Sharepoint 2016 Server, Microsoft Sharepoint 2013 Server, Microsoft Sharepoint Foundation 2013, Microsoft Sharepoint 2010 Server.