Solneo Quality Management Software (QMS)

Solneo Quality Management Software (QMS) is a web based application to help organizations to fulfill the requirements of the process based quality management system, ISO 9001. QMS includes different modules for difrenet requirements; existing modules are process module, document management module, eqipment and calibration module, internal audit module and corrective and preventive actions module.

  • You can organize documents as document libraries; and easily define revision, approval and distribution workflows on libraries.
  • All revision and approval tasks are sent to related roles as emails; all overdue tasks are reminded to the task owners periodically.
  • After the approval workflow, documents revision and approval date is automatically set; the footers of the Microsoft Word, Excel and Power Point documents are automatically updated to reflect the changes.
  • You can create an internal audit plan for your organizations
  • You can create audit questionnaire with the help of existing templates and also you can add ad-hoc questions to the questionnaire during audit.
  • You can create and store audit reports on the system.
  • You can create internal or external audit records for your organization.
  • You can attach audit reports to audit records.
  • You can get lists of audits related with specific departments, process or products.
  • You can create finding records related with internl or external audits of your organization.
  • You can categorize findings.
  • You can follow up active/open findings.
  • You can create corrective and preventive action (CPA) requests on the system;
  • You can enter detailed action plans for each CPA and assign tasks to the related roles;
  • You can get CPA reports.
  • You can organize business processes as parent and sub-processes;
  • You can define input and output of each process; and also KPI values for the processes.
  • You can create equipments list and calibration periods of them. Each equipment can send related roles reminder emails about the upcoming calibration dates.
  • You can create one click calibration reports showing calibration dates and result of the calibration activity.
  • You can create, management and share management review reports.
  • You can send reports to review or approval and share approved reports within organization.
  • You can create a pool of customer complaints.
  • Create related finding and CPA records for customer complaints.
  • Parallel with ISACA RiskIT Framework, you can create risk records, define and evaluate risks.
  • You can create tags to categorize risks such as product, service, business unit or business impact.
  • You can define and manage risk response and assign tasks to roles to follow up.
  • You can create various risk maps or graphics according to product or service or business unit.

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